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Q What is Offworlders?
A Offworlders is a stylized single player survival RPG where you will get to choose and control a team of 4 separate characters, each with their own specializations, attributes, skill trees and inventories.

You will spend your time surviving and exploring Kepler-47C; an alien planet rich in resources, undiscovered creatures, and a mysterious race of ancient sentient robots who have scattered unusual relics throughout the land for you to discover and unlock their secrets.

Some of the main activities will include completing quests, collecting resources, and building the space outpost of your dreams. The items in Offworlders will have an RPG style of randomized stats where finding the perfect roll will not only feel like a major achievement but will also help build your own unique play style and class.

Survive the harsh environments that Kepler-47C has to offer by levelling up your characters and managing their vitals and take caution because if your character dies it cannot be revived due to permadeath.

Q Will it be multiplayer?
A Due to the type of experience we are trying to craft, Offworlders really benefits from the tighter scope afforded by focus on single player. The style of gameplay will be heavily inspired by our favourite single player survival games such as State of Decay, The Long Dark and Subnautica.

Q Will there be an Alpha or Beta?
A Yes! The community will have an opportunity to be a part of development throughout the entire process. Pre-Alpha is still under construction but once it's ready, access will be immediately granted to active Patreon Subscribers and Kickstarter Backers.

Q How do I support the project?
A Being a part of our Discord community and following us on Twitter is one of the best ways to help support the project. Spreading the word about Offworlders to your friends is a tremendous help. As we progress through development we will offer a variety of ways to donate and help fund the game, any financial support will go a long way in helping the development of Offworlders and your support is extremely appreciated.

Q Will Offworlders be available on console?
A We would love to see Offworlders launch on console but at the start we are focusing on PC, Mac and Linux.

Q Is there a release date?
A Currently there is no release date planned but as we continue through development and get closer to a foreseeable timeline we will keep the community updated.

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